Telenet Project

Telenet (Provider of cable broadband services in Belgium).

Telenet Group is the largest provider of cable broadband services in Belgium. Its business comprises the provision of analog and digital, fixed and mobile telephone services, primarily to residential customers in Flanders and Brussels.

ESC is providing two different services for Telenet Group;


  1. Project XXL:

Upgrade existing 600MHz HFC network to a 1GHz bandwidth. There are 4.200 nodes within the scope of the project.
ESC Engineering has been doing design for "Project XXL" for the last three years.
The design service that ESC provide consists of 4 separate services:

  • Pre-care
  • Design (RF & low voltage)
  • Preparatory Works
    • Required permits for civil works, as required by Belgian, regional and local regulations.
    • In case the permission is denied, trigger the designer of the node to find an alternative solution.
    • Collect the necessary info for the LV connection
  • Aftercare

1.650 ea nodes have been completed according to above regulations till end of year 2016.


  1.  Regular Works:

Daily works for between Telenet and regional and local regulations.
The aim of the project is: 

  • Promoting a safe location and organization of the underground infrastructure.
  • Limiting nuisance and promote a safe environment for its citizens during work on underground infrastructure.
  • Preventing damage to private and communal property.
  • Ensuring the quality of public space.

In relation to authorization procedure ESC provide; Preparation&Application and Technical specifications drawings service.             

    • Preparation&Application service;


The license applicant is obliged to request to identify which line operators have interests in the proposed route, to inform it in its work preparation of the proposed activities and information on the nature and location of those interests.
In the determination of a route should at all times be taken into account with the above-ground infrastructure and objects. Objects can include: long lying or intersecting roads, railways, waterways, embankments, viaducts, tunnels, adjacent lines, trees, underground containers, buildings and objects including steel sheet piling.
It further holds that it is attempted to be placed no obstacles over existing lines. If no other solution is possible, then in consultation with the lead operator (s) under conditions and / or taking measures still to be made placing overhead lines.

    • Technical specifications drawings;

In this drawing the route of the line must as it is presented. Technical Terms are generally valid, but which the details vary by application (including pipeline routes; design, implementation and management regulations).


    • Aftercare

Aftercare (follow-up) department is responsible for maintaining and repairing of cables and pipes. After final completion of newly constructed work, the revision drawings (as-built plans) need be converted to digital.   

  • Converting as-built drawings to digital.


    • CAT-1

Telenet provides cable services CATV and telecommunication for new customers. The cable needs to be connected to the nearest connection box.
From the case report we can see how the cable runs down to the connection box and were the tap needs to be placed.

     Sample Project Files